Parisian Elegance and Luxury: Embark on a Mercedes S-Class City Tour 

Parisian Elegance and Luxury: Embark on a Mercedes S-Class City Tour 

Mercedes S-Class City Tour in Paris

Experience the fusion of luxury and competitive sports in Paris during the Olympic Games. Now picture yourself driving in the bustling streets of none other than the city of love, Paris Tours Cab in a Mercedes S-Class, where every moment you take stands a marriage of luxury and a sense of Olympian. Embark on a vacation that is part game-day thrill, luxury city-tour diversion.

What Olympic landmarks can I explore in Paris with Mercedes S Class?

If you are looking to visit the Olympic stadium in Paris with a luxurious vehicle like the Mercedes S Class, it will help you move around in style and elegance while exploring the Olympic landmarks. In a Mercedes S Class, discover the best Olympic landmarks in Paris.

Eiffel Tower: Without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower is the most famous Parisian landmark and as such, is a symbol of unity and sportsmanship during the Olympic Games. From its picturesque platform, you can enjoy the incredible panorama of the city and watch all the Olympic festivities unfold below.

Parc des Princes: Home to the iconic Olympic Rings, the symbol of the Olympic Games, the stadium in Paris was ready for the 1924 Games. Mercedes S Class can carry you through that stadium making clear viewings of the stunning Olympic Rings for you to take some memorable pictures.

Stade de France: Though Stade de France is as remote from central Paris as any Olympic natural site can be, it is still an important Olympic spot. Olympic sentiment was in abundance during the 1998 FIFA World Cup finals which opened and closed in this stadium. In the Mercedes S Class, you can drive to the Stade de France to admire its architecture and sporting past.

Place de la Concorde: Place de la Concorde is a square in Paris with an Olympic-inspired sculpture. In a Mercedes S Class, for example, you would be able to drive up to this landmark and admire the artistic representation of the Olympic spirit

Museum at Lausanne: While not in Paris, a must for Olympic enthusiasts is a trip to the Museum at Lausanne, Switzerland Mercedes S Class for rich history and heritage of the Olympic Games on a road trip from Paris to Lausanne.